sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

My experience

I just want to get out, fly, float
Without thinking, only dreaming
Be anywhere, laughing
Go anywhere, wanting
Record every moment in my mind
 we were together
But in my dream there is no reality
I know that for discussions all is over
And my mind explodes
Following my heart
Broken like a plate
That began to crack
I don´t know what to think
And if I see you how I´ll react?
Just kills me to think that there is no more
That love, that both had and there is no longer now

But there is something in me that makes you special
I don´t want anything more
Even an I love you, I just want to be alone
Without compromise
Happy and without having a broken heart
And a good thing to remove all
It is the experience that I received from all

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